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Asim Al-Chalabi
Baghdad School Oud Solo

Music and compositions: Asim Al-Chalabi
total length: 61 min 01 sec
Also available at: Asim Al-Chalabi

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Roughly translated from Arabic, Monajat means "intimate conversation(s)"; but it means much more. For example, such a "conversation" may be a dialogue where no words or thoughts, per se, are exchanged; or it may be a one-sided or non-verbal exchange as in a silent prayer.
In that sense, the title befits this wonderful collection of improvisations (taqasim, singular taqsim). There is more here than another rendition in the familiar style of the Oud school of Baghdad. Here, Asim breaks out of the shell of the familiar and customary, and lets the music soar or plummet leaving the navigation to his free spirit. He is not driven by music alone. The strings vibrate into various shapes and forms, as if by a will all their own. At times the vibrations are condensed into the passionate cry of a sufi yearning for the Beloved and burning in the flame of the unquenchable thirst. At other times, when the Beloved is near, these vibrations become a subdued whisper of thankfulness, or a frenzied dance celebrating the joys of life, love and the ultimate Union. This is a musical journey that will leave you satisfied, but wanting more!

Basil Samara


1 Takasim Nahawand

2 Romance

3 Hijaz-kar

4 Taqasim Rast

5 Miniature

6 In Vienna


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