Bernhard Lang
Difference/Repetition 8

the first pieces of the difference/repetition- series originated from transcriptions of loop-techniques, as I found them with various turntablists and experimental movie directors (Phil Jeck, Martin Arnold). I focussed my interest on the concept of erratic, assymetrical loops, related to the jumping needle on the record, to the trembling of a damaged cd-player.

During the Black Friday Sessions in Vienna parts of Difference/Repetition#3 were recorded on vinyl for the first time, and were remixed by Dieb 13, Fennesz and others. The so found footage became another starting point for improvisation again.

The next step ahead was the SWR new Jazz Meeting, where beside the original Difference/Repetition 1.2 piece arrangements, treatments and remixes by very different kinds of musicians were played: by turntablists/laptopists on one hand, by classical improvisers and Jazz-Musicians like Steve Lacy on the other.

Now I was eager to incorporate the results of these projects in a written score, using the principle of a predefinede reference of the used samples.
So parts from the Orchestra piece Dw11.2 were prerecorded on vinyl by the Bavarian Symphony Orchestra, to be remixed live with the actual orchestra by the turntablists in Dw8, using a concise schedule of entrances and breaks for improvising.

So the whole orchestra turns into a gigantic turntable, playing jittering loops, well known sounds perhaps leading to a new reading in this context of different repetition.

bernhard lang, vienna 150404