Bernhard Lang
DW9 "Puppe/Tulpe"
Difference/Repetition 9


  "die schlange küßt
den schlafenden
  daß der kreis
nicht gebrochen würde"
p.c.loidl, 161201








DW9 is based on the last texts by Austrian poet Christian Loidl, "die schlange küsst den schlafenden", ( "The serpent kisses the sleeper").

These texts present the notion of repetition structurally, the text being mainly constructed by loops. Loidl also introduced me to Deleuzes book Difference and Repetition, which led to a lasting confrontation with theses two notions and their dialectics.

DW9 tries to refocus on these last texts by Loidl, being deconstructed by a cut-up technique I copied from Austrian experimental filmer Martin Arnold.
I tried to explore the inside of the texts: voices from the inside, voices of remembrance.
I did not re-read the texts while composing, just letting them emerge from memory, let them circle and submerge again.

So the voice emerges but from inside the piece, a metaphor for the inner structure, and drowns again in instrumental parts.

The loops are projected onto the singers body movements, being translated into spatial movement of sound by three microphones and extreme panning.

DW9 is meant as a homage to Christian Loidl (+17.12.2001), a friend, inspirator and air poet, "die schlange küsst den schlafenden".

Bernhard Lang Vienna 2004