Bernhard Lang
On Monadology XVII SheWasOne

Monadology XVII is based on a short grain from Petr Kotiks piece 'Many Many Women'.
This implies both the title and the dedication, Kotiks work being one of my favorites of his.

Monadology XVII  uses Granular Analysis as the means of deconstructing the original score, implementing both cellular automata and granulators. The basic idea is the so called Virtual Remix, which means transferring the techniques of turntablism and of contemporary live electronics (looping, scratching) onto a musical score. The technique in itself was inspired by the cutting-techniques of experimental video artists as Raffael Montanez Ortiz and Martin Arnold.
Since Monadology XIII (Bruckner) the process implements microtonality using two interpolated instrumental groups.

The piece was written for Kotiks birthday and first performed in Ostrava by Ostravská banda on 27 Jan 2012.

Bernhard Lang, Vienna
25 June 2013