Bernhard Lang


NetTrike is a composition for 2 pairs of performers, 2 performing choreographers, 2 soundplates, surround sounds plus 2 visual loopgenerators. It was delveloped from the piece V-trike together with choreographer Christine Gaigg and media artist Winfried Ritsch.

The performers are being sampled both visually and soundwise by the choreographers on stage, the resulting loops being anew reacted upon by the performers, sowith creating a complex feedback system.

The complexity of this circuits is furthermore increased by exchanging the loops/projections via the net-matrix.

The score itself consists mainly of extensive charts defining all the durations and qualities of the different loops used in the piece, including the manifold modulation processes resulting in the jittering of the audio/visual loop.

Moreover, during the worksessions at IRCAM the score was extended for the different strategies of projection and exchange both in the real space of the performance and the virtual of the net-projection.

Since V-trike was already based on the concurring images of the loop-generator and a live-performer, the idea of net-projection was already inherent in this work, the process of desubstantialisation and virtualisation furtherly being enhanced by the dislocation in actual space.

The piece so reflects upon the live dialectics between identity and exchange, on the real and the hyperreal, on presence, its loss and re-finding in virtual space.

Bernhard Lang, Vienna, 29 Sep 2010