Bernhard Lang
SCHRIFT 2 for Violoncello solo

SCHRIFT 2 is part of a series of solo pieces, called "Schriftstücke"; "Schrift 1" is for solo flute, "Schrift 3" for accordeon.
The basic thought behind those pieces is the idea of the written line, the continuous flow of individual signature, which, in the process of defining itself, remembers ways of structuring which no longer have any valiant meaning whithin the piece;
The point of writing originates in the interplay between the remembrance of predetermined textures and the aural anticipation of future significations, which arise out of the very process of writing in itself, therewith beeing uncovered by a kind of "autogenerative" grammar.

Stylus improvisations, fantasies of empty spaces beeing defined by structure alone....scriptures beyond decoding, forgotten scriptures, dream scriptures, which perhaps explain themselves though sound.