Bernhard Lang

Hermetica V

Hermetica V is part of a series of choir pieces, based on a collection of hermetic texts, ranging from antique mystical writing to quasi dadaistic enigmatic codes like in this very piece: the vocal sounds of languages imagined, or listened to without actually understanding the meaning; language being transformed into sound, alien gibberish being transformed into imaginary meanings and signs by projection and individual intepretation; this might be inner voices, voices of angels and demons, happening in trance- or sleep-states, the voices medivial grimoires described.

The musical machinery of difference/repetition-loops is used for both analyzing and evoking sound, sometimes insisting, sometimes transforming.

The role of the bass-clarinet is that of an additional voice, which is being transformed into some archaic instrument in the solo, using a new technique of „Parkerphonics“, based on transcriptions from the works of Evan Parker.

Bernhard Lang, Graz, 15 Oct 2014