Bernhard Lang
Monadology XVI 'Solfeggio' for flute

Like most of the pieces in the series of Monadologies number XVI uses footage from the archives, here it is a solfeggio by Emperor Friedrich.
Monadology XVI  uses Granular Analysis as the means of deconstructing the original score, implementing both cellular automata and granulators. The basic idea is the so called Virtual Remix, which means transferring the techniques of turntablism and of contemporary live electronics (looping, scratching) onto a musical score. The technique in itself was inspired by the cutting-techniques of experimental video artists as Raffael Montanez Ortiz and Martin Arnold.

Originally the piece was intended for a flute competition, but sent back as „unplayable“.

This is where Manuel Zurria came in, who played the piece furiously from the first day on.
He suggested a lot of additional virtuosities, which have been implemented in this version.
The piece is dedicated to him and his playing.

Bernhard Lang, Vienna, 22 Dec 2014