Bernhard Lang

Monadology XXVI ...for Pauline and Conrad
for two Violins in Quartertone distance

Like most of the pieces in the series of Monadologies number XXVI uses footage from the archives, in this case Paganini (Capricci) and Bach.

Monadology XXVI uses Granular Analysis as the means of deconstructing the original score, implementing both cellular automata and granulators.

The basic idea is the so called Virtual Remix, which means transferring the techniques of turntablism and of contemporary live electronics (looping, scratching) onto a musical score. The technique in itself was inspired by the cutting-techniques of experimental video artists as Raffael Montanez Ortiz and Martin Arnold.

Since Monadology XIII (Bruckner) the process implements microtonality using two interpolated instrumental groups.

The result is a hypervirtuosic piece written for and dedicated to New York Violin Duo "String Noise" consisting of Pauline Kim Harris and Conrad Harris.

Bernhard Lang Vienna 240814