Bernhard Lang

Monadology XXXVII  'Loops for Leoš'

During the preapration for Ostrava 2017 Peter Kotik and I discussed some orchestral works of mine concerning a possible performance; after having discarded a piece from 2011, we decided to perform something new, inspired by the spirit of Ostrava; the idea for this arrived quickly, I had had Janacec in mind for a long time: I chose „Overgrown Paths“ as a template for this orchestra piece, selecting 2 works from this: 1 Nase Vecery and 2 Dobrou Noc;

The piece belongs to the Monadology series, of which I had performed some 4 works already at Ostrava days.

The piece was written in August 2017 at Vienna.

Bernhard Lang, Vienna, 030817