I'm still alive, but I've got involved in other things now.
Apart of being an adminstrator on www.mycity.co.yu forums, I'm now one of the members of MC AV-Team, the team that is working on testing of antivirus software.
Our new site is at www.mc-antivirus-test.com (for English-speaking people) and www.zastita.co.yu (for Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian-speaking people). Those are two links to the different sections of the same site.
Anyone interested in testing of antivirus software is welcome. We need software-developers, people to write articles, people with knowledge about malware-software etc.
We are not 'one-more-antivirus-test', because we are developing testing-software, we are testing many aspects of antivirus-defence. We are not such testing-group that just publish the percent of recognized malware samples from some malware-collection...

Apart of that, one more reason of being idle on updating this site is that I've got married in August 2005, and I also expect the third member of our family to join us in June 2006.

Fast_isolinux available in beta section.

The_GUI v3 beta3 available in beta section.

The_GUI v3 beta2 available in beta section.

The_GUI v3 beta1 available for testing. Take a look in beta section. Don't download v2 anymore because of known bug in CD burning module. The_GUI v2 is abandoned now.

ILMmini finished. This is a command-line tools for previewing Isolinux splash files. Take a look at download section.

There was bugs... The_GUI v2.0.1 uploaded. Files from cdrtools package are not distributed with The_GUI anymore. Download cdrtools package from http://cdrtools.bootcd.ru/ and unpack needed files. See The_GUI's help file for details.

The_GUI v2 final uploaded. Hopeful without bugs...

Yup, it's 3:07 AM here, I hope someone will appreciate this - take a look at beta section, The_GUI v2 beta4 is there.
See you in about two weeks...

Working on The_GUI beta4 MinGW32 version (this may be a release candidate). If I just can finish it before I go to vacation (that's tomorrow)...

ToDo list:

- detect os
- configure console and debug modules for win98
- set debug.tmp (for Win98 compatibility)
- add switch '-notmp' for making it working from read-only media

Case and Attributes: stable
Layout Sorter: stable
Mkisofs: stable
CDBurning: stable
- write help / new stuff (MSFN)

- update with links

Other tools: stable
Debug module:
- limit to 64k for win98 compatibility (use temp file for more than 64k)

- GPL or not?

New in beta4:
- alternative CD imaging tool
- floppy read/write image
- front-end for bbie (www.nu2.nu/bbie)

New in beta3:
- more Win9x compatibility
- making logs (debug)

Many things are changed in the design of The_GUI v2. Pictures in previous post doesn't match current design.

Beta section added.

Working on The_GUI v2.


- interface redesign
- Layout sorter added

ToDo list for v2 final:

- Find if you can use Crystal Icons for glyphs
- do something about glyphs (create your own glyphs)

Case and Attributes:
- save and load list ???

- search if DFL present
- catch console output

Layout Sorter:
- change the form caption
- try to standardize slashes in redistributable lists

- do it all :-)

- catch console output

CD Burning:
- NeroAPI (MPL-ed) :(
- CDRtools - uhhh - must implement cathing console output :(
- which one to implement ???

- change to "help and about"
- try to write help (html compiled to chm)
- change the About text with current info

First public release of The_GUI. It's a GUI for Mkisofs from Joerg Schilling and for DFL from Reanimatolog. In the future this will be GUI for more ISO-files-making related command-line tools.

ILM updated to 1.0.1 - bugfix release

ILM ver. 1.0.0 available for download from here (not available any more). I will update the rest of site this days... don't have time now... my girlfriend is waiting for me...

ILM and PPMtoLSS source is now provided under GPL. Last month I didn't have a lot of free time to work on them, so I'v decided to make source code available for download. Contributions are welcome. Please, if you are interested in co-developing, contact me at spasic7[at]hotmail.com .
Site have now a mirror at:  http://stud3.tuwien.ac.at/~e0227529/

ILM RC1 is out. Look in download section.
- changed preview component (not modal now), preview can be closed normal way now (not just with ENTER key)
- added single-click option for NAROSK

PSS EDIT added to My old programs section and Download section.

Site updated for more Mozilla compatibility

Isolinux HowTo for newbies Part2 uploaded.  Some other parts of site updated...

Isolinux HowTo for newbies Part1 updated with some more examples...

Still no answer from H.P.Anvin... I decided to put ILM beta2 available for public. Look in download section. Please report all the bugs to spasic7[at]hotmail.com.
Posible bugs:
- typos because I have never learned English
- I dont know if all the characters I have used in "not a real on-screen keyboard" are visible in Isolinux...

If some creative ILM user makes some good looking splash screen - please send it to me. I need a good demo to include with ILM.

Isolinux HowTo for newbies added in Documents section.

Mkisofs GUI for Win32 will be available soon !!!

Help needed !!! I'm not good with English, I nees someone to report any mistakes and typos on the site...

PPM to LSS GUI for Win32 is done. This tool converts PPM images to LSS16 format used by Isolinux/Syslinux splash screen graphics.

IsoLinux Mate beta2 (ver. 0.1.1) for Win32 uploaded. I'm still waiting for H.P.Anvin to allow me to use IsoLinux Mate name. Until then, no download links will be provided.

My first site is uploaded. Wow....