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The Example "ABI" Track/Turnout Models

An example "ABI" track section 545mm (type A) provides following Interface miMod(SrrTrackSectionA).

An example "ABI" track section 1435mm (type B) provides following Interface miMod(SrrTrackSectionB).

An example "ABI" 30 turnout 545mm (type A) provides following Interface miMod(SrrTurnout[Left|Right]A).

The example "ABI" track/turnout models use SRR objects and the example "ABI" track geometry. The interfaces of the SRR objects SrrBasicTrackSection, SrrBasicTurnout2Way, SrrSwitchB, SrrTrackEdge and SrrTrackNode are described here.

The Example "ABI" Track Geometry

The example "ABI" track geometry provides following Interface uiObj(SrrTrackGeometryABI).

Other Track Geometries and Track/Turnout Models

You could provide your own tracks and turnouts - currently no documentation for this topic.