Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
exstateverbs1.jpg1. - Would you a pint of beer? -Beer? No, thanks. I wine.
2. I she what I mean.
3. He a chain of computer stores. He me to work for him.
4. Money doesn't to him, but he plenty of it.
5. He says he my face, but not my name.
6. I you don't if I smoke.
7. This song really good. I it very much, although I usually classical music.
exstateverbs2.jpg8. John Peter, but Peter him.
9. - I you don't me. I'm George McKinley. We met at a conference in Glasgow two years ago. - Oh, yes, sorry. I now.
10. I don't how old she is. She very young, but she already three children.
11. I'm so thirsty. I a drink of water.
12. This parcel like a book, but it at least two kilos.
13. The car to his father