Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. - What of the film? it's a bit too violent? - No, I it's brilliant.
2. Steve about leaving school and beginning to work. that's a good idea?
3. - What are you doing with my jacket? Why it? Why it? it's not genuine leather? - Well, it like leather, but it like leather.ex01state.jpg
4. - This fish delicious! - Thank you, I'm glad you it.
5. John a new computer, but he trouble with it. It's not working today.
6. - Why at me like that? You to be very surprised! - Oh, sorry! I didn't know that you three children.
7. I a new tennis racket. I about buying the latest model.
8. - The dress very good on you! - Thank you! I it too.
9. - Why yourself again? - I had 75 kilos yesterday and today I 74!
10. - He to be pretty rich. - Yes, his father a chain of hotels.