A day in the life of Bob Rains

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
dwarf1.jpgA: Do you Bob Rains? He on the eighth floor of an apartment building and as a clerk in a large department store. Every day he up at 7 o'clock, a shower, dressed, and breakfast. After breakfast he the newspaper until 8:15, then he for work. He on the elevator on the eighth floor, down to the ground floor, off, in his car and to work. He until five o'clock. Then he home, on the elevator, up to the sixth floor, off, and up the stairs to his apartment. He on the TV, to the kitchen and some food. Then he dinner and television until 10 o'clock. dwarf2.jpgAt 10:30 he to sleep and asleep very quickly.
B: Good heavens! He such a boring life. But there is something I don't . Why does Bob off on the sixth floor on the way home? Why does he up the stairs to his apartment on the eighth floor? Does he to lose weight?
A: Well, he a dwarf.