Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Don: Hello, Jean. I you for almost a month. What this summer?
Jean: Oh, I myself.
Don: What do you mean? your time swimming and sunbathing?
exrecentact.jpgJean: Yes, on my afternoons off I quite a lot of sunbathing and swimming.
Don: On your afternoons off? a holiday job?
Jean: Yes, I in a kindergarten. I with children a lot. And I a lot about them.
Don: Great! I don't think you a fortune.
Jean: No, I 800 pounds, but I to save most of it. And what about you? What lately?
Don: I on a series of articles on global warming. I a lot of research work on the Internet.
Jean: And a lot of interesting things?
Don: Yes, I innumerable data. I four articles. And I a lot of time looking for experts for interviews.
Jean: Oh, you very busy!