Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

expreperfshanghai.jpg- to Asia?
- Yes I . I to China and India several times.
- Great! When the last time you to China?
- I last there in May this year. I to Shanghai. I fascinated by that huge city. I to quite a lot of places in the world, but Shanghai is the most amazing city I .
- So you to Tokyo. That's the best place I . I there three times and each time I it more and more. And how do you expreperflondon.jpglike it here in London? Is it the first time you here?
- It's the second time I here and I really like it. We so many attractions! We the Science Museum and Tate Modern, but we to British Museum yet.
- What in the Science Museum?
- Oh, I all afternoon there and I still half of what I to see.
- And Buckingham Palace?
- Yes we , but we the Queen yet. However, we many people from all over the world here.