Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

A: There's no coke left! it up?
ex25ccold.jpgB: Yes, I it up when I home because I very thirsty.

A: Your nose is running!
B: Yes, I a cold. It so cold for many days now.
A: Yes, I a cold yesterday too.

A: You've got a beautiful bike! When it?
B: Oh, I it already three years ago.
A: That's impossible! You this bike for three years now and it still looks like a new one.
ex25ccar.jpg B: Yes, it looks beautiful because I it.

A: You've got a new car!
B: Yes, I it for six months. My old one down and a colleague of mine me this one.
A: I such a beautiful car. How much for it?
B: Well, it really quite expensive.

A: Would you like some coffee?
B: No, thanks. I one. Actually, I five cups today: