Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

exfuture5.jpg1. - What this afternoon? - We football. -But it . -Well, we if it rains.
2. - What time ? -It at one o'clock. - for lunch then? -Oh, sorry, I can't. Mike and his parents.
3. - Oh no! Look at the time! late for the meeting. - you a lift. You there on time if you by car instead of walking.
4. - We've run out of milk. -Yes, I know. I some on my way back from work. I've got it on my shopping list.
5. - How long in Rome? -I there for six months. I'm sure I you all. - us your adress as soon as you a flat? - Of course I . I hope I a nice flat right in the centre.
exfuture6.jpg6. - I'm afraid I can't start my car. - you a hand.
7. - So you want to borrow some money. How spend it? - I a new car. I only need 1000 pounds. - OK, you the money, but you must pay me back in four months. Can you do that? - it, I promise.
8. - How soon ready to leave? - Oh, I out until it raining. -OK. I don't think it for long. an e-mail while we .