Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

exfuture3.jpg1. Mr Haines is crossing the street and reading. He into the hole in the street!
2. - I hope Diana the exam. - No, she it! I have never seen her studying.
3. I feel so bad and I've got a terrible headache. I think I sick.
4. The price of crude oil has risen again, which means that the price of petrol too.
exfuture4.jpg5. They are playing cards in the garden and they don't see that it . When it starts raining they playing. They into the house. The dog outside and the rain. Or maybe they playing cards under the sunshade.
6. It has been raining for some time now and the temperature has just fallen below freezing point. The roads icy.
7. My sister a baby. It is due in two months.
8. I'm sure that the government taxes next year. At the same time they unemployment benefits.