Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

exreview1.jpg1.- How long Judy? - I her for many years. As a matter of fact, I her since I to work in this company.
2. When I was a child, I of being an astronaut, but then I to become a teacher.
3. - I here for 15 years. - How come I you in this area? - Well, I out very often.
4. - Sorry I'm late. long? - No, I at all. I .
5. I this car since 2004 and I difficulty with it. Well, actually, I out of petrol once, but, of course, that my fault and it nothing to do with the car.
exreview2.jpg6. - a boxing match? - No, I . I violent sports.
7. - camping when you were a child? - Yes, I . We camping because we a big family and we enough money to stay at hotels.
8. - How long literature? - I literature since the beginning of this term. I music before.