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exreview3oil.jpgIt in London that the British Oil Corporation BOC oil under the sea near the Welsh coast. The company, which for oil in the area since 1998, small amounts of oil near Swansea last month, and since then larger amounts under the seabed nearby. Last year the government over 50,000,000 pounds to BOC, and permission for the company to build an oil refinery and other facilities in South Wales.
The reaction of local people to today’s news mixed so far. Local MPs the news, pointing out that oil industry will bring badly needed jobs to the area. But local residents are worried about the danger of pollution. „Nobody us yet what we want,“ said Ann Griffiths, leader of the "Keep Out The Oil Campaign". „ Look what when they oil in Scotland in the 1960s. The oil companies rich, not the local people. BOC us the truth about what this is going to mean for our people.“ A BOC spokesman later to comment. Meanwhile local campaigners the government to hold an inquiry.