Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

exreview43a.jpg1. A: What's the matter with my computer!? Someone it and my keyboard!
B: Oh, I'm sorry. It me. I some coffee on it when I on my article.

2. A: as a gardener?
B: No, I . But I my neighbour to dig his garden several times.
A: Well, in that case, I'm afraid I you. I an experienced gardener.

3. A: I'm so tired. I letters all evening.
B: How many letters yet?
exreview43b.jpg A: I five so far.

4. A: I'm sorry I'm late. for a long time?
B: No, I . I 15 minutes ago, and while I Bob along and we about school since then.

5 A: I here in London since Sunday, but I the British Museum yet.
B: And to the London Eye?
A: Of course I . And I it very much.