The comprehensive special KARATE-book which will inform and inspire you


Goju-Ryu Karatedo

The history, the way and the aim

Author Dr. Friedrich Gsodam
Quality 195 pages, 600 photographs bw
cover concealed with foil
ISBN 3 900856 02 8, published by the author in 1992


The author is an active Brigadier General of the Austrian Armed Forces, an aircraft pilot, as well as a teacher of physics at a technical college for mechanical engineering and legally authorised trainer of Karate.

He summarises in a very clear and pedagogically logical way the history of this fascinating type of sport, its techniques, the methodes of training and some useful examples for practical usage.

There are, in particular, fotographs included and descriptions of all relevant single techniques as well as examples for training with partners and for self-defence.

Aside from a number of common Japanese expressions the following Kata are described in detail:

Taikyoku Jodan/Chudan/Gedan, Gekisai Dai Ichi, Gekisai Dai Ni, Sanchin, Tensho, Saifa, Seienchin, Sanseiru, Shisochin, Seisan und Seipai.

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