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In 1980 when I have been in education I got very expensive HI-FI equipment made by the Austrian company "EUMIG". Since then I have been a big fan of these very sophisticated but not fail- safe units. After  years I learned out of necessity to maintain and fix it and eventually became a collector. The Austrian manufacturer EUMIG has been the worlds biggest manufacturer of Super 8 equipment which went belly- up in 1982 due to the breakdown of the super 8 film market, bad political and economical circumstances and last but not least the flop of the EUMIG produced "POLAROID POLAVISION" system.

Even today this company is world wide known for the film equipment... But between 1975 and 1981 they built and produced a very fine series of HI-FI and video equipment in order to balance the breakdown of the film market. The video units (LVD) never reached the market but the HI-FI....

In the future I plan to have the technical descripitions and some most needed error fixing hints here !

 You would like to look at very exotic HIFI equipment ? Just click the links below :

First atempt to enter the HIFI Market. Big top loading three head casette deck with built in mixer unit, Dolby and record head calibration. New :"Optoelectronic Capstan control". (Made in AUSTRIA !)

Same as the CCD but with built in stereo tuner and power amplifier. (Made in AUSTRIA!)

The famous EUMIG casette deck which won the Award for Design and Engineering at the Consumer Electronics Show, Chicago 1979. It has even been used in broadcasting due to the computerized EUBUS System which is similar to the IEC BUS and allows the linking and remote control of up to 15 casette decks by personal computer. The digital system allows the storage and acess of music related data ( title, position, tape identifier) even computer data stream on the tape. If you have infos about the computer link or the programs, pls. let me know ! (MADE IN AUSTRIA, really)

"HIFI Series 1000": Built around the FL 1000 ; PL1000 quartz turntable, T1000 digital synthesizer tuner, C1000 Stereo DC preamplifier, M1000 stereo DC power amplifier. (They look a bit like Luxman,s ...)

"HIFI Series 500": Mid level HIFI components with excellent features and technical data: PL500 turntable, A500 amplifier, T500 tuner, and (the name is curious) FL 900 casette deck. (They look a bit like Alpine,s ;grin..)


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