L A N S  in  T I R O L


Lans is situated 867 m above sealevel  on a sun plateau near Innsbruck next to the "Patscherkofel", a beautiful mountain , where the olymic men´s downhill races took place. Lans has its own gentle  lake, where you can swim in summer or sometimes skate in winter, or you just enjoy the view on it with its stunning  panorama of
the surrounding mountain world. The pure air, the views, the peace and the opportunity of  walks through quiet forests or expansive meadows
garantee a holiday in its best, that gives you the chance  to calm down,  to recover and to regain energy for your life at home.


There are plenty of outdoor activities possible: swimming, walking (nordic), hiking, bicycling, Golf, tennis, skating, jogging, mountain touring, snowboarding, skiing, paragliding, sledging, etc. ...

so that surely you will get your favorite choice, "acively" or "stresslessly".

The village of Lans benefits from beeing situated in the middle of nature in its luxury  on one hand and on the other  by the fact that  Innsbruck can be reached within 10 minutes, which offers a whole variety of cultural opportunities like  theatre, opera, concerts of all kinds, museums, galleries, markets and shopping areas.

Lans is famous for its excellent restaurants and "Tyrolean Gasthäuser". All restaurants in the village can be easily reached by foot.


     What about leaving all stress behind  and simply enjoying the luxury "of having time".

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