Various Software:

UNZIP.EXE to extract ZIP-Files

ARJ.EXE great tool to (de)compress files

NDD.EXE Norton Disk Doctor

SPLIT.EXE and MERGE.EXE to bring huge file on multiple disks

HAL.EXE Hypothetic Assembler Language incl. MANUAL.TXT

LVIEWPRO.ZIP Image Viewer; accepts many Picture-formats

WINFTP.EXE Simple FTP-Client

WSCHESB1.ZIP Chess Programm, which connects two players via Internet

GO.ZIP Chinese Boardgame Go

UMORIA54.ZIP Adventure Game Moria with ZAR.TXT personal final statistic (played in 1993)

MIRC59T.EXE MIRC - Internet Relay Chat Software

SWEURO.EXE Simple Currency Calculator

BERLITZ.EXE Language Interpreter; translates English, French, German, Spanish and Italian