Ubuntu Breezy Badger on a Samsung V20 XVC 2400

Samsung V20 XVC 2400
2,4 Ghz Pentium
512 MB Ram
40 GB Harddisk
2x USB
Paralel port
Serial Port


I installed the system with a download version of Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger. During the installation, the only problem was the blinking screen.


The Notebook uses an Intel 82845G Graphics controller.
For proper screen resolution you must edit the /etc/xorg.conf: Replace the "monitor section" like this:

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "Standardbildschirm"
VendorName "Generic"
ModelName "Flat Panel 1024x768"
HorizSync 31,5-48,5
VertRefresh 40-70

To stop the blinking screen at boot time, you must edit the grub menu.lst. Just add in the line of your boot option the parametre "vga=792" like this:

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.12-10-386 root=/dev/hda7 ro quiet splash vga=792

I haven't found a way to get to work the TV-Out. All I figured out is, that the TV-Out Chip is manufactured by Chrontel. If you find a way to use TV-Out properly, please drop me a line.


Works out of the box.

To enable the SPDIF-Output, you ust activate IEC958 and IEC958 Playback in the GNOME Mixer's configurations menu. Then just enable the IEC958 channel in the gnome mixer (now the red light inside the plug should be activated) and set the IEC958 Playback AC-97-SPSA Volume to 0 (now there should be an output). Otherwise it won't work.

Touchpad and Scroll Wheel

Work out of the box.

Suspend to Disk

Works out of the box.

Suspend to RAM

Not tested.

Battery control.

Great, it works out of the box. In earlier Linux distributions this didn't work, because of a buggy DSDT table. For more information see Linux on a V20.
The only issue is that the battery display shows an incorrect status. While windows displays that 50 minutes are left, in Linux there are only 9 more minutes. But my battery is quite outpowered yet, so maybe this is a hardware issue.


Not tested, but I guess it works.


Works out of the box.


Works out of the box.


Not tested, but should work, as the modules are loaded.


Works out of the box.


Not tested. It's a Winmodem. There should be a driver for linux. See Linux on a V20 for more details.


Works out of the box without any problems.


Not tested with Ubuntu, but I guess it works, as it worked with Mandriva.

Paralel port, Serial Port

Not tested

Special Keys

Windows Keys don't work out of the box.
Keys for volume and brightness work without any problems. Num-Lock too.
I couldn't get the Internet Key to work. The costumizable button either. These buttons don't produce a x-event. Only the mail button does.
I haven't tested the others.
See Linux on a V20 for more information. There is also a pretty good article about Special Keys. But it's written in german: http://www.easylinux.de/Artikel/ausgabe/2005/09/047-sondertasten/


Thanks to F. Parrernin for his very comprehensible How-To: Linux on a V20.

If you have any questions or recommendations, please contact me: klaus [dot] mahrer [at] chello [dot] at

Last revised: 07 Dec 2005

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