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I'm a 76 year old jazzfan,
born in Vienna and 
I collect jazz music 
since 1958.
I dedicate these websites 
to all jazzfans,
especially in Vienna

                                          20 Jahre sind eine lange Zeit.
                                Zeit - um jetzt aufzuhören.
                                Vielen Dank an alle Besucher meiner Website.

                                Alles Gute und
                                keep swinging !

                                20 years are a long time.
                                Time to quit now.
                                Thanks a lot to all the visitors of my website.
                                All the best and
                                keep swinging !

Cover of the month:

This CD + LP  I bought in 2013

 Café Drechsler

Ulrich Drechsler -ts,-cl,
David Helbock -kb,-perc,  Philipp Jagschitz -kb,
Patrick Zambonin -b,  Christian Eberle -dm,-perc

rec. 2013

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Music from my jazz collection:


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JAZZLAND  presents:

29. - 30.12.    Marianne Mendt & Band


Porgy & Bess: 


29.12.    Gerd Hermann Ortler & Jazzorchester Vorarlberg
30.12.    Harri Stojka Express
31.12.    Karl Ratzer Quintet


More jazz events in Vienna this month

31.12.    Silvester @ Zwe  feat. The Blue Groove


Preview more jazz events:


Jazz in radio oe1:

29.12.    Jazznight   23:03
              Studiogast Leonhard Skorupa, Tomas Fujiwara Triple Double 
                  beim Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2018






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