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mail/address: Mollardgasse 48/8, 1060 Vienna, Austria  


Songwriting / Singing  


 Ich singe und schreibe über Politik, Liebe, Philosophie, und alle anderen Dinge ;
     I sing and write songs on political, philosophical and strong personal emotional issues;

"Hippie Dream" was formed in Vienna, Austria in 2000
Line-up: Manhard Schlifni (vocals, guitar) with or without special guests.  

Musical Interests

Gertrude, Tracy Chapman, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Heather Nova, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen,
    Melissa Etheridge, Anouk, Janis Joplin, Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls, Carole King,
Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Tori Amos, John Lennon,
    Michelle Shocked, Patti Smith, Melanie Safka, Jefferson Airplane, Exilia,  First Fatal Kiss.  

Klassik: Mozard, Chopin, Beethoven.  


Goethe, Rielke, Novalis


tennis, chess, meditation, transcribing songs, singing and playing guitar, Tai Chi.

Biographien von Musikerinnen verfassen ( Heather Nova: "Let's Sail Away" )


Lebensphilosophie (philosophy for life)

go with the flow

  " flow -- the state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter”


Politische Orientierungen (politics)

partizipatorische E-Demokratie
    participatory E-Democracy (PED)



Transformational Society

Transformational Politics  

  (1)    Transformational Societies

  (2)    Win+Win+World 
  (3)    Transformational Economies
  (4)    Searching for common ground and the good of the whole.
  (5)    Cooperative Agreements, Cooperation Paradigm
  (6)    Building relationships that respect the highest in each person
  (7)    Mediation, peaceful conflict resolution.  
  (8)    Sustainable Societies, Appropriate Green Technology
  (9)    Cultural Transformation  

  (10)  New Structures, New Behaviour, New Believes   
  (11)  Anticipatory Democracies 
  (12)  Participatory Politics

  (13)  New Democratic, Transformational Paradigm

  (14) Active Society

  (15) New Criteria of Success, New Goal Values

  (16) Planetary and cosmic Culture
  (17) Citizen-controlled media

  (18) Grassroots participatory E-Democracies
  (19) Respecting the interconnection of all life
  (20) Thinking in whole systems, etc.


Lebensträume (dreams of life)

Die Kunst des Liebens (The art of loving)

partizipatorische E-Demokratie
    participatory E-democracy;



Curriculum Vitae    

  Born in Klagenfurt , Austria , on February, 24th, 1973 ;

  Studies of computer science at the Vienna University of Technology; 1991-1997;

  Master thesis: "Electronic Cash in Distributed Systems";
      Dipl.-Ing. (university graduated engineer), 1997;

 1997-2000 Tramping, Ph.D.-Dissertation;  I demonstrated my qualification to do independent scientific research by  dissertation
     entitled "Electronic Voting Systems and Electronic Democracy - Participatory E-Politics for a New Wave of Democracy"
     and on 12.12.2000 I finished my studies for the Ph.D. (doctorate) program in technical sciences, pursuant on University
     Studies Act, Annex 2 No. 2.11 in connection with the curriculum, MBl. Nr. 270-1996/1997 by passing the doctoral
     comprehensive examination, Ph.D. ("Doctor of Technical Sciences"), Jan. 2001,
Vienna University of Technology

 Correspondent and expert for Austria on Electronic Democracy, Teledemocracy Action News + Network --- TAN+N ,  the
     Global Democracy Movement, Auburn University, AL, USA

  2001-2002  Civil Service

  2002-2003  Assistant Professor (Universitätsassistent), Statistics and Decision Support Systems Department, University of Vienna

  2004            Independent scientist


Research Interests 

The Politics of Ecstasy 

Transformational Societies

Electronic Voting

Electronic Democracy, Teledemocracy  

Demokratietheorie (models of democracy)

feministische E-Demokratie  (feminist e-democracy)


Elektronische Demokratie und Nachhaltige Entwicklung ( Teledemocracy and sustainable developement)

Elektronische politische Prozesse (electronic political processes )

Astronomie (astronomy)

Mein Programm: Sunflights: Simulation der Planeten/Kometen, Voyager-Raumflugmissionen und extraterestrischer
    Objekte im Sonnensystem.
(My program: 3D-flight simulator in the solar-system, including 3D-simulation/animation of
    voyager-missions, comets, and other extra-terrestrial objects.)