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The Shrew Photo Gallery

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Crocidura dsinezumi

C. dsinezumi captured at 1998 4th August

(Photo by Tadashi Fujikawa©)

C. dsinezumi young, 1998 31th July

(Photo by Tadashi Fujikawa©)

C. dsinezumi young, 1998 4th August

(Photo by Tadashi Fujikawa©)

C. dsinezumi, caught and killed by cat

(Photo by Simon Varnam © 2000)

"Here is a photo of a shrew which my cat caught here in Japan. It has been identified (from this picture) as "jinezumi" (Crocidura dsinezumi) by Prof. Kazuhiro Koyasu of the Dentistry Department of Aichi Gakuin University in Nagoya, Japan. The scale is in centimetres."

"I should also pass on a comment from another Shrewist who said he wanted pictures of LIVE shrews, or at least ones which LOOKED alive. It is not a work of art so don't be too perplexed if you can't see it!" - Simon Varnam <>

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