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Kew Herbarium Nr. K000345881
Zamioculcas Boivini Decne.
referred to in Curtis's Botanical Magazine,
Third series, Vol. 29, Tab. 6026 (1873)

collected by Sir John Kirk, Nov. 1861.

Label 1: "Fig. 340 339 - Shire Valley opposite the Rapids of Zedzane 9 (?) Nov. 1861"
Label 2: "339 - Livingston's Zambezi Expedition.
Anchomanes Kirkii Hook f. Zamioculcas Boivini. Bot. Mag. 6026.
Lower Valley of River Shire. Nov. 1861. Coll. Dr Kirk."
Stamp: Herbarium Hookerianum 1867.
Label 3: Gonatopus boivinii (Decne.) Hook. f. ex Engl. det. J. Bogner, 1981
Label 4: Gonatopus boivinii (Decaisne) Engl. det. S. Mayo (Flora of Tropical East Africa) June 1983
from: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, K000345881.

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