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The Zamioculcas and Gonatopus
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Kew Herbarium Nr. K000345882
Zamioculcas Boivini Decne.
described in Curtis's Botanical Magazine,
Third series, Vol. 29, Tab. 6026 (1873)

collected by Sir John Kirk, 1873.

Label 1: "Gonatopus Boivinii, Hook. f. ! - Zamioculcas Boivinii, Dcne - Bot. Mag. t. 6026
German East Africa from the coast opposite Zanzibar - Dr. Kirk
Hort. Kew Nov. 1873 leaf - Flower June 26th 1874 - teste N. E. Brown"
Label 2: Gonatopus boivinii (Decne.) Hook. f. ex Engl. det. J. Bogner, 1981
Label 3: Gonatopus boivinii (Decaisne) Engl. det. S. Mayo (Flora of Tropical East Africa) June 1983
from: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, K000345882.

note: according to J.D.Hooker (Bot. Mag Tab.6026, April 1873), living specimen of Gonatopus boivinii from the coast of German East Africa had been brought to Kew by Dr. Kirk in late 1872. These plants were cultivated in Kew Gardens and provided the material for plate 6026 (December 1872) and for this herbal sheet (November 1873 and June 1874).

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