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The Java License Kit gives developers what they need to quickly add licensing capabilities to their Java applications. The JLK includes SampleApp, an application that demonstrates how to add the license key system to your own apps, and Licenser, an application to create your license keys with. The JLK comes with full source code (!) and developer documentation.

The JLK enables you to release your application as "demoware". That is, you distribute your application on free CD-ROMs, submit it to public ftp servers, or let users download it from your web site for free. The version you distribute is the "real", full-fledged one, but you distribute it with a license key pre-installed which disables some important functionality of your application. Like printing and saving, for instance. This way, users can first try your application to their liking, and then decide whether to buy a license key from you. In addition, you can issue time-limited test license keys which will fully enable your application, but only for two weeks or a month or whatever. Afterwards, your application will automatically fall back to demo mode again.

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Modular Licensing  Upto 6 different layers of functionality (like Print, Save, Image Import, ...) can be licensed independently. No need to release separate "Light", "Pro", and "DeLuxe" versions of your application. Instead, release one single version of your app, and sell "Light", "Pro", and "DeLuxe" license keys.
Expiration Dates  Upto 3 different expiration dates can be assigned to the 6 layers of functionality. You can release your app with a time bomb built-in, for example to ensure that a public beta version of yours will be rendered useless after, say, two months from now. Or in case a user insists on trying your application fully enabled before buying a license, you can send that user a time-limited test key, which will enable your app for, say, 14 days. Afterwards, your application will automatically fall back to demo mode.
Key Versions  Built-in key version numbers let you decide which users can upgrade for free. Example: users who had purchased a license key for version 2.0 can reuse their keys for your newest version 2.1, while users who had purchased a license key for older 1.x versions cannot. (To those, you will gladly offer update keys for a small update fee.)
Floating Network Licenses  You can issue 3 different types of licenses: single-user licenses, floating network licenses for 1 to 100 users, or unlimited network licenses. A floating network license limits execution of your application to, say, at most 5 users at any one time on your customer's local network.
Host IDs  Licenses can be issued with a Host ID burnt-in, to tie registration of the license to a specific computer.
Automatic Copy Protection  Installed licenses are automatically invalidated when your application is copied to another computer.
Multi-Language Support  All dialog windows and alert messages are fully localized. Versions in English, French, and German are included.
Multi-GUI Support  The JLK comes in an AWT-only version for 1.1.x JDKs and later, as well as in separate JFC/Swing versions for 1.1.x JDKs and 1.2.x JDKs and later. (1.0.x JDKs are not supported.)
Source Code  Full source code is included, to save your investment. Add the JLK to any number of your own software projects. No limitations or royalties for the number of licenses you sell for your applications.
As the JLK comes as source code, it comes completely unobfuscated. You are not allowed to release a JLK-protected application of yours without obfuscating it first with an obfuscator of up-to-date, commercial-grade quality.
Pure Java  No native code is involved. No platform-specific libraries are involved. Just copy a handful of .java files to your project, add a dozen or so lines in your source code, and rebuild your application!

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Click on thumbnails below to view the full-size GIF images.

Click to view in full-size. Licenser, the key generation application. This app is not part of the downloadable demo, so the screen shot to the left must suffice.
[JFC/Metal on Windows]
Click to view in full-size. SampleApp, a skeleton app protected by the JLK. Download the obfuscated demo version below, and see the JLK live in action!
[AWT on Windows]
Click to view in full-size. The Register Dialog is where users enter license keys plus company info to register your app with.
[JFC/Metal on Linux]
Click to view in full-size. Same as above, this time in German.
[JFC/Metal on Windows]
Click to view in full-size. The License Dialog, displaying your app's current license settings.
[JFC/Motif on Windows]
Click to view in full-size. Same as above, this time in French.
[JFC/Metal on Windows]
Click to view in full-size. The Floating Dialog, alerting the user at program start-up that all available licenses are already in use.
[AWT on Linux]

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Download the demo package SampleApp.tar.gz (198,306 bytes) to see the JLK live in action! The demo package consists of one half of the JLK -- the SampleApp application, compiled in three different GUI flavors (AWT-only, JFC 1.1.x, and JFC 1.2.x and later) -- plus a handful of license keys to test-register SampleApp with.

Note that the three SampleApp versions contained in the demo package are obfuscated using Zelix KlassMaster. You too must release your JLK-protected applications obfuscated, using an obfuscator of your choice -- not some stone-age freeware one, but a quality, commercial-grade one. From the JLK's license agreement:

You are not allowed to release any code compiled from this source code in unobfuscated form to others. In other words, all parts of your applications which contain (parts of) this source code, or which interface (parts of) this source code, must be released obfuscated, using an obfuscator of commercial-grade, up-to-date quality.

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Java License Kit -- EUR 199 

All prices excl. VAT, unless stated otherwise.
Austrian customers: add 20% VAT.
EU customers: add 20% VAT, unless a VAT-ID is provided.
Others: no VAT.

VISA -- MasterCard -- Cheque -- Money Transfer.
Credit cards will be charged in Euro (EUR).
Actual billing amount may vary based on current exchange rates.

Non-credit card orders: add EUR 15 for bank fees.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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