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Well, I translate all common text types from English into German and from German into English and proofread German and English texts. Moreover, I do French-German translations once in a while and sooner or later I would like to secure some sort of foothold as a writer of advertising copy, promotional material, online content ... and who kows what. Yet this project is still in a very early beta phase.
As a translator and proofreader I am specialized in arts and culture, cultural marketing, advertising and all sorts of corporate marketing and have gained ample experience in these fields. I can deliver translations into 'general' DE German that doesn't reflect regional quirks and , as an Austrian native, I'm a good choice for texts which expressly address an Austrian audience. As I don't think that you can't teach old dogs new tricks I'm always open for projects that do not expressly have to do with my specialties. But if I am actually able to take on such an assignment has always to be considered on a case-by-case basis. As I've already mentioned above: I only take on assignments/offer services I can take full responsibility for.
On the pages of you'll get a rough idea of my work and a little bit of who I am. Perhaps, I'll be able to hook your interest. If so, don't hesitate to call me, email or skype me (otmar.lichtenwoerther).
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textkultur is a language service provider based in Graz, Austria, and was founded in 2004. Though it is a translation agency in accordance with Austrian law, textkultur is first and foremost the trademark/nick of Otmar Lichtenwörther, it's owner and sole employee. Unlike many of my colleagues I'm no outsourcer, I only offer services within my scope of expertise, hence I'm a typical freelancer. So you can be sure that all tasks assigned to textkultur will be addressed by the guy on the photo above accurately, stylistically correctly and quickly.

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