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Center for Applied Political Research (ZAP)



Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Fritz Plasser

The Center for Applied Political Research (ZAP) is an independent, non-university research institute, that was founded in 1993. Our objective is to promote a dialog between sciences und politics by observing and analyzing the current trends and dynamics in the political system, political culture, as well as the political communication in Austria. The results of our research are made available to the public.

We develop empirically oriented basic studies, assign und coordinate research projects, and manage political und institutional consulting. In this respect we cooperate with a number of experts at university and non-university research institutions, as well as opinion polling institutes.

ZAP concentrates on the following research areas:

  • political communication
  • political and societal trend research
  • analysis of transformations in the Austrian political system, the conditions affecting competition among the political parties, the voting behavior (political culture, party, and election research)

The results of our research are presented by:

  • the editing of a publications series (publisher: Facultas, Vienna),
  • the publication of research reports concerning current and sensitive political issues and problems of society
  • and the organization of work shops and discussions, to which international und Austrian experts are invited.

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