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2D Barcode Generator

Data Matrix, QR, Aztec and Code 128 barcode creation by open source JavaScript program or office macros.

This page encourages you to design your own 2D barcode creator.

Message to encode

The barcode generator is 100% client-side JavaScript without any dependencies.

Data Matrix

Data Matrix barcode

Data Matrix

Data Matrix bar code

Data Matrix

QR barcode

QR barcode


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Aztec barcode



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Code 128

barcode too long

Code 128 (GIF)

The program creates 2D barcode symbols of Data Matrix, Aztec and QR code in vector graphic.

The top left symbol is created by a minimized path shape, the top right (if present) by many single squares.

The QR barcode in the middle is a transparent GIF image and the bottom Aztec barcode is a canvas PNG.

An additional SVG filter is applied on the first barcode.

The blocks (cells) of all symbols are equal in size.


+ Creates Data Matrix in square or rectangular pattern.

+ Creates QR or micro QR barcode symbols.

+ Creates Aztec, compact Aztec or Aztec rune barcodes.

+ Scalable Vector Graphic or PNG/GIF pixel image output.

+ One short and compact program for all barcodes.

+ Available for office programs Excel, Access and Calc.

+ Automatic mode encoding and barcode size selection.

+ Algorithm could be easily adapted to individual requirements.

+ Free and open-source software program.

no size optimization for mixed data types in one symbol.

no handling of special codes like FNC1 or ECI.


Universal: runs on every browser, operating system or platform.

Flexible: outputs vector or pixel images in adjustable design.

Adaptable: modify or convert simple source code to your own desire.


The barcode program is free and open source software.

The algorithm is available as Jasvascript: barcode.js.

For MS Office it is available as Excel: barcode.xlsm and Access: barcode.accdb.

And for Open/LibreOffice it is available as Calc: barcode.ods.

Go do something cool with it.

Information about barcodes

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Wikipedia Data Matrix

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Barcode Coder, Data Matrix specification

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Wikipedia QR code

Denso Wave, the Inventor of QR Code

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Wikiversity, Reed-Solomon codes for coders

Thonky QR Code Tutorial



Wikipedia Aztec code

ISO/IEC 24778:2008, Aztec Code barcode symbology specification (CHF 158.-)

Rit Service (web archive)


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