Ruhestörung was founded in 2000 by Mikael & Georg Alfredsson, brothers from Klagenfurt, Austria.
It was used from 2001-2005 as a solo project by Mikael. He made weird experimetal noise. Georg joined occasionaly.
In 2005 Georg re-entered, we bought lots of equipment and started making actual, if still experimental, music.
Also in 2005 Astrid and the Cube joined us. Together we made "Introspective". Astrid dropped out in 2006.
In 2006, Mikael made "Never Ending Winter" with little input from the band. Also the band made "The Dark Is Rising".
In 2007, we made "Beta", this time Georg was unavaible, but Rene from Avana helped out.
Later that year we recorded "Wotan/Nordland". Our first metal songs appeared there.
In 2008 we hired Daniel, played some concerts and recorded "Napalm". The Cube then disappeared.
In 2009 we dispersed. Georg went to Germany and Daniel to Vienna. In January Michael recorded "Distance", also containing band material.

Ruhestörung consists / consisted of:
Michael Alfredsson — vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, electronics, percussion & drums. 2000—
Georg Alfredsson — vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion & drums. 2000—
Daniel L. — drums, bass & percussion. 2008—
The Cube — electronics, keyboards & vocals. 2005–2008
Astrid B. — guitars, keyboards, recorder & bass. 2005–2006