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BIOGRAPHY and Curriculum Vitae


  Paul R. Aigner was born on April 30, 1966 in Waizenkirchen/Upper Austria
   and grew up in Gmunden am Traunsee/Upper Austria.
  His father, Robert Aigner was a music teacher and he cultivated his talent,
   music enthusiasm (Flute with 4y, violin with 7y) by giving him the opportunity
  to get in touch with a lot of different music instruments.
  After the public school he attended school of applied arts in Linz/Upper Austria
  which he finished as a graphic designer in 1987.
  Worked as a freelancer for several companies
  (Satchi + Satchi (Atelier Gamma), Mach-Art, Werbeagentur Lebisch,...)
  Nude drawing/painting class of Prof. Oberhuber at the
  "University of Applied Arts Vienna" as extraordinary student for three years
  Seminar for graphic and painting with Jose Castell
  in Saint Paul de Fenouillet (Summer 1993).
  Seminar at the "Waldviertler Kultursommer" at Paul Rotterdam
  with a final exhibition (Summer 1994).

...till 2005: Exhibitions Concerts, artworks and participations

  Worked for the ORF for five years (TV Prgr.Promo.)

  "Portrait Sanza" for the ORF: Direction and script

  Ensemble member of "Big Annas Bergfun Band" by and with Christoph Cech.
  Concerts 1995 and 1997

  Exhibition "Bewegt - Lebenslinien", Dec. 1995, Gmunden

  Exhibition "Oelbilder, Schieferbilder, Grafiken", March 1998, Cafe Galerie Inspection

  Co-Founder of music project "P.P.D." (Pascal Murer (guit), Paul Aigner (dr),
  May 1998, Vienna

  Exhibition "Graphiken (Federzeichnungen)", Cafe Galerie Inspection
  with Music-Performance of "P.P.D." , June 1998, Vienna

  Exhibition with other artists, Cafe Galerie Inspection, Oct. 1998, Vienna

  Exhibition, Mytho, July 1999, Krems

  Concert in Flex with project "Alemannen und die vierzig Groupies",
  "Best of the West"-Festival, Nov. 1999, Vienna

  Concert in Flex with project "Mood", April 2000, Vienna

  Concert project "Pa ma te" at Semper-Depot, Juni 2000, Vienna
  (Farewell party for Prof. Pistoletto)

  Exhibition for "Die Gruenen" 7. district opening, Dec. 2001, Vienna

  Exhibition, Palais Palffy, Dec. 2001, Vienna
  with a music performance (Sainkho Namtchilak: voc., Tschiritsch: guit., Aigner: dr.)

  "Sailing in every size" (video-installation) at the "Wienstation",
  June/July/Aug. 2002, Vienna

  Session with Hans Tschiritsch in the factory, 2002, Vienna
  Session host in Cafe Carina in Feb. and April 2003, Vienna

  Session at "Sohollywood in Ottakring", June 2003, Vienna
  Foundation of the Band "Cryptones"

  "Cryptones" Concerts
       Cafe Galerie Inspection, June 2003, Vienna
       Cafe Stadtbahn, July 2003, Vienna
       "Wienstation", August 2003, Vienna
       "VEKKS", Juli 2004, Vienna
       "Wienzeile Zentrale", Sept. 2004, Vienna

  Video presentation "paulaividears" in Statt-Beisl(WUK), November 2004, Vienna

  Music-poetry performances with Melamar at "Feile" and Theater/Nestroyhof,
  2004/2005, Vienna

  Session with Hary Wetterstein, Cafe Carina, April 2005, Vienna

  Concert Kleilehof, `Hommage to Elias Canetti 100. deathday`
  Composition, Glockenspiel, voc. and visuals, June 2005, Nicklsdorf Bgld.

2007 till now:

  Foundation of project "Dutrio" (Theo: sax., Tschiritsch: guit., Aigner: dr.),
  end of 2007, Vienna
       New year concert 2007/2008
       Concert, Februray 2008
       Wedding concert, April 2008
       "In Memory for Theo", "Sargfabrik", November 2009

  Presentation Solo-Project and Audio-CD (I:I) at "Wienstation", Nov. 2008, Vienna

  Video exhibition, Nov. 2008, Vienna

  Solo-concerts at "Wienstation", Feb. 2009, Vienna

  Video-light-paint exhibition, Feb. 2009, Vienna

  Solo-concerts at "Wienstation" and light paint exhibition
  March 2009, Vienna

  1. "Wiener Lesetheater" (Rolf Schwendtner), Vienna
       "Schwarzer Orpheus", March 2009
       "Allen Ginsberg", April 2009
       "The Immortalist" (Aigner: music), May 2009
       "Handkes Publikumsbeschimpfungen", Juni 2009

  Session and solo concert at Luftbad, July 2009, Vienna

  Concert with T-OHM (perc.) at Luftbad, Aug. 2009, Vienna

  Solo-concert at "Verein08" and session with members of celestial altitude,
  Sept. 2009, Vienna

  Concert with Herbert Lacina (bass) and Steve Gander (voice) at "KuKu",
  Oct. 2009, Vienna

  Session at "Fenia" (Tschiritsch: guitar, Aigner: drum, and friends),
  Nov. 2009, Vienna

  Sesssion "Paul Aigners' Algebra Universe" with Steve Gander, voice and
  Herbert Lacina, bass at "KuKu", Jan. 2010, Vienna

  Session at "Blue Tomato", March 2010, Vienna.
  Took part with guit. and drums at sessions played in duos,
  hosted by:
            Susanna Gartmayer, bassclarinett
            George Cremaschi, bass
            Thomas Berghammer, trumpet
            DD Kern, drums

  Composed music for SONOTON music library.
  Recordings done at:
            T-ON Studio, P.Cebul, Spring 2010
            Amann Studios, June 2011
            Amann Studios, April 2012
            Amann Studios, May 2013


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