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Plant Pages
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Zamioculcas Homepage
Zamioculcas Homepage in English

Euphorbia meloformis
Euphorbia meloformis page in English Euphorbia meloformis-Seite in deutscher Sprache

On this site, I want to present own photographs and observations as well as compiled information about several interesting species of vascular plants from various families and genera, both in the wild and in cultivation, in a way that is apprehensible for interested amateurs (and scientifically as correct as possible).

I intend to publish parts of my collection of habitat photos of alpine plants (NE Alps (A), Hohe Tauern (A), Dolomites (I) etc.) as well as of plants at my windowsill here, if I can spare the time.

Another project in development (in collaboration with Dr. Peter Anderwald, Linz) is a Turbinicarpus page with photos of seed grown plants from various populations and taxa of this interesting Cactaceae genus.

Note: Some pages are available in German translation as well. More to come. Maybe...
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