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What's new


August 15, 2001: Zamioculcas page: new pictures;
contents revised; navigation improved

July 29, 2001: Frame version of Zamioculcas homepage.
A. PETER's description of Z. lanceolata made available online (german and latin).

July 18, 2001: gallery page started (8 images)

July 15, 2001: Zamioculcas page updated
Pagina iniziale pubbliccata in italiano

July 14, 2001: Hit Counter implemented (index page)

July 12, 2001: Euphorbia meloformis page in English und auf Deutsch

July 9, 2001: First beta version of this site online.
Some pages still empty (sorry !), but fully navigable.
Main navigation (of beta version) will be in English.

June 13, 2001: Drafting of this site started.
Planning and updating site structure; HTML editing,
additional web researches, translating stuff, 
compressing 6 MB BMPs to <150KB JPGs.
Four languages turn out to be quite some work.
Italian version postponed for a while (mi dispiaše !).

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June 14, 2001 updated: August 15, 2001