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On a boat in 2005

TOPS Activity Contest

the contest is now handled by Romanian PRO-CW-CLUB: http://www.procwclub.yo6ex.ro/tacrules.htm

TAC logs go to YO2RR .

Results of the last years ( TAC handled by OE1TKW from 1989-2006) :

Results 2005 http://members.chello.at/oe1tkw/tac/tac05gesamt.html

Results 2004 http://members.chello.at/oe1tkw/tac/tac04gesamt.html

Results 2003 http://members.chello.at/oe1tkw/tac/tac03gesamt.html

Results 2002 follow

Results 2001 follow

Results 2000 follow

Results 1999 follow

Results 1998 follow

Results 1997 follow

Results 1996 follow

Results 1995 follow

Results 1994 follow

Results 1993 follow

Results 1992 follow

Results 1991 follow

Results 1990 follow

Results 1989 follow

More recent results ( TAC handled by SM3VE) :

Results 1988 follow

Results 1987 follow

Results 1986 follow

Results 1984 follow

Results 1983 follow

About the TOPS CW Club – Telegraphy Operators Society (which is now inactive)

History http://members.chello.at/oe1tkw/tops/hist1.html

My last Members list of TOPS (Aug 3, 1978) http://members.chello.at/oe1tkw/tops/topsliste.JPG

Additions due to QMF : http://members.chello.at/oe1tkw/tops/tops_numbers.html

TOPS Sectretary Phil, GW8WJ passed away Aug 28th, 1990.

Some TOPS numbers extracted from the TAC contests : http://members.chello.at/oe1tkw/tops/tops_numbers_tac.html

Projects :

repair stuck PTO of Drake T-4XC


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email : oe1tkw (at) chello.at

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