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Welcome to LatinByrd !

The Byrd LatinByrd is an RTF to HTML converter. LatinByrd converts RTF documents, RTFD documents, and plain ASCII documents to web pages. LatinByrd converts single documents as well as document trees. In addition, LatinByrd also converts TIFF and EPS images to GIF, PNG, and JPEG graphics formats.

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Conversion of Documents and Document Trees

Single RTF, RTFD, and ASCII documents are converted to single web pages.
Document trees are converted to trees of web pages. You can port your NS 3.x on-line help to NS/OS 4.x !
Various hands-free, semi-automatic, and manual image conversion strategies are available.
Identical images are shared. If your document tree contains, say, 200 occurences of the very same image in 50 documents, then only one single copy of this image gets stored. Shared images are stored in a designated subfolder.
Optional storage of all images (incl. unshared ones) in the designated image subfolder. 
'ALT' text for images is supported. 
Embedded files and folders are stored as .tar/.Z/.gz archive files.
Non-embedded files are automatically copied to the destination tree in case they are linked to from within your RTF/RTFD documents. (Example: an image file linked to by its thumbnail counterpart.) 
Validation of link targets.
Detection of damaged documents, missing or damaged images, missing or damaged embedded files/folders, invalid link target docs, invalid link target markers, duplicate marker definitions, and unreachable documents.
Selectable text and background colors.
Selectable background image.
Adjustable mapping of font sizes.
Optional output of font family names, along with alternate font family hints. 
Language-specific special characters are automatically converted to HTML format.
Characters from special-purpose fonts like Symbol (, ) or ITC Zapf Dingbats (, ) are automatically rendered as inline images. 
RTF ruler settings are simulated with invisible spacer images and invisible HTML3.2 tables.
With LatinByrd's Table Inspector, you can create tables of any desired cell layout on your own. All HTML 3.2 table and cell attributes are supported, plus table and cell background colors and images. 
Bullet chars are optionally replaced with a custom bullet image.
Optional alignment of the left margin for minimal enforced use of tables.
Divider images are optionally replaced with <hr> tags.
HTML code can be embedded directly into your document's text.
HTML code preceding your document's text will automatically go to the <head> section. This way, you can set your web page's title to your liking. 
Link buttons can be replaced by underlining (i.e. anchoring) some neighboring text.
Remaining link buttons are replaced with a custom link image.
<URL> strings are automatically turned into links.
Footnotes in RTF documents are automatically converted to endnotes. 
ASCII files in "nroff" format -- UNIX man pages, for instance -- are recognized and converted accordingly. 
Support for CedarWord's ".cw" extension.
Current settings can be saved to / loaded from setup files.

Note:  LatinByrd is optimized to convert documents which are in NeXT's version of RTF. Converting RTF documents created on other platforms may deliver poor results.

Conversion of Images

TIFF and EPS images are converted to GIF, PNG and/or JPEG format.
Sync-view of GIF/PNG and JPEG versions. On-the-fly changes of image options are rendered immediately.
Images can be displayed in front of any background color or wallpaper.
Images can be zoomed from 25% to 800%.
Selectable gamma correction factors.
Selectable maximum amount of output colors, from 256 down to 2. (GIF, PNG)
Netscape colormap optionally applied. (GIF)
Floyd-Steinberg error distribution optionally applied. (GIF, PNG)
Selectable threshold for pure transparency. (GIF)
For GIF and JPEG images, partial transparency is resolved by pre-rendering the image over the selected background color. For PNG images, partial transparency is fully preserved by creating RGBA colormaps.
Images can be stored in interlaced/progressive format (default for GIF, optional for PNG and JPEG).

Note:  For LatinByrd to display the contents of GIF, PNG, and JPEG files in its image wells, you need to have an image filter application installed. is strongly recommended, as it can handle the new PNG format as well as ProgressiveJPEG. ToyViewer is freeware -- get it now if you still don't have a copy.


Compiled for Motorola, Intel, HPPA, and sparc.
Requires NEXTSTEP 3.2 or higher, or OPENSTEP 4.x for Mach.
LatinByrd is localized to English, French and German.
In demo mode, every 8th character is X'd out, and images contain a tiny DEMO string.


The current version is LatinByrd III v7. You can download it from this site: (2323424 bytes) (8059 bytes) (7672 bytes) (8443 bytes)

Users in Asia should download the Japanese Edition of LatinByrd III v6: (1340849 bytes) (8335 bytes)

The Japanese Edition supports the 2-byte character encoding sets EUC-JP and EUC-KR. The Japanese Edition requires NEXTSTEP 3.3J or higher, or OPENSTEP 4.xJ for Mach.

Note: all of the above files can also be downloaded from


Commercial license: US$ 119
Academic license: US$ 69
Image conversion only: US$ 49   (sorry, no academic discount)

To order a license key, or to receive a free, time-limited test license key, send email to

Purchase Info

All prices excl. VAT, unless stated otherwise.
Austrian customers: add 20% VAT.
EU customers: add 20% VAT, unless a VAT-ID is provided.
Others: no VAT.

Volume and site licenses available.
Reseller inquires welcome.
Public PGP Key available on request.

VISA -- MasterCard (EuroCard) -- Cheque -- Money Transfer.
Credit cards will be charged in Austrian Shilling (ATS).
Actual billing amount may vary based on current exchange rates.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Contact Info

Stefan Schneider Software
Dipl.Ing. Stefan Schneider
Lerchenfelder St 85/6
A-1070 Vienna, Austria, Europe
voice/fax: +43-1-924-2773

All trademarks mentioned belong to their respective owners.

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