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Mindanao auf den Philippinen The southern island of Mindanao with only 1/10 in capia income of the region of Manila is the poorest region of the Philippines. Specially in the south of the island armed conflicts occur frequently between rebels of the separatistic  MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front), the islamistic MILF (Moro Islamistic Liberation Front) and government troops. In civil war on Mindanao between the seventies of last century and 2002, 120.000 victims were counted according to the worldbank. Most of them were civilians. USA and Philippine government make the group a round Abu Sayyraf, part of the Al- Kaida network, responsible for many bomb attacks and kidnapping. Victim is of course the civil population that is on top of that confronted with high growth of population, increasing unemployment rate and frequent catastrophes such as floods and landslips caused by tropic thunderstorms, that also cost thousands of lives according to the UN. In this environment people with disabilities are underprivileged in particular. In rural regions families often hide their handicapped family members to avoid neighbors and inhabitants glancing because the better part of the populations classifies disability as punishment by God. For physically disabled people in the Philippines the purchase of a wheel chair is an unreachable Dream. No social welfare, no insurance that would possibly cover any costs. That’s why we have chosen this region shaken by crisis and catastrophes for our first project.
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