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 We offer a large variety  of  high quality elektro-instalation components for reasonable prices. On the list below are listed main groups of offered products:

  • Electro-installation mini duct, corners and  tees available for each group of cable trunkings.
  • Cable ducts system, inner corners, outer corners, flat corners, end pieces, cover sections.
  • Wide range of accessories as sockets, switches, heavy current, control, telecomunications circuits, etc.
  • Corrugated pipes
  • Electroinstallation tubes
  • Holders and connectors  (common holders, close holders)

detailed information on www.stasinski.com.pl

  • Plastic plugs and sockets for nominal voltage higher then 50V~
  • Plastic plugs and sockets for nominal voltage lower then 50V~
  • Metal plugs and sockets
  • Metal plugs and socets flat contact , for nominal voltage 500V~
  • Supply systems
  • Portable plastic distribution boxes
  • Plastic wall distribution boxes
  • Fixed distribution boxes without insulation
  • Fixed distribution boxes with insulation and switches
  • Switchgear with switch
  • Safety installation boxes with cable joint
  • Fuse and meter insulation box sets
  • Switching station assembled on basis of insulation boxes
  • Wall and plastic mounted distribution boxes with door
  • Metal distribution boxes  5-line
  • Cam switches

detailed information on polam.naklo.pl