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The Hugonuts Guild does Battle replays

What happens, when Hugonuts get to replay the battle of Amon Hen? Will Elrond become the victim of the Holy Can Opener? Will Smith get an award for his breath-taking report from the scene of crime? Let's find out!

starring: Agent Smith, Elrond, more than 300 raving Hugonuts

nominated in the categories: Best movie, best action scene (the stampede of the Hugonuts)

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The Pantrix

Morpheus was wrong. It's not about free will. It's all about the pants. The new epic movie by Droof Factor Films. And - believe it or not - Morpheus raps! --- Agent Smith says, you have to see this one!

starring: Agents Smith, Brown and Jones, Morpheus, Trinity, Neo, Cypher and the oracle

Nominated in the categories: Best Movie, best special effects (Neo's pants) and best original song

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