About ammoQ
ammoQ (real name: Erich Kitzmüller), born 1970, is a professional software developer in Vienna, the capital of Austria. While he spends most of his day developing warehouse management software and the like, some of his free time (what is left after making his wife and two kids happy) is dedicated to console emulation on Linux.


The nickname ammoQ was created for Quake3, although ammoQ was never a good player and quit playing Q3 soon after. Anyway, the nickname was later used for all his computer game related activities.

Currently, as padJoy can be considered finished (no more feature requests during the past months), ammoQ has fun with Zeograd's great PC Engine emulator Hu-Go!, sometimes doing a little bugfix.

ammoQ is an active moderator of The Daily WTF, a website dedicated to bad programming practices and other curious perversions in IT.
But most free time is of course spent with his lovely family, wife Anna, son Max (*1999) and daughter Kaja (*2002).
About padJoy
padJoy is open source, the most advanced (with all due modesty) pad plugin available for Linux. It's tested to work with both ePSXe and PCSX, although some features of padJoy are only usable with PCSX (due to some current limitations of ePSXe).


Features of padJoy:
  • joy device input
  • keyboard input (PCSX only, not necessary for ePSXe)
  • multithreaded mode
  • support for macros (also usable for auto-fire)
  • emulates digital or analog pad (PCSX only)
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