...and welcome to ammoq.com, home of the padJoy plugin. This website is (mostly) dedicated to PSX (Sony Playstation) emulation for Linux, especially the padJoy pad plugin. padJoy is (with all due modesty) the most advanced pad plugin available for Linux. It's tested to work with both ePSXe and PCSX, although some features of padJoy are only usable with PCSX (due to some current limitations of ePSXe).

padJoy is open source software, licensed under the GPL. You are welcome to send feature requests, bug reports, bugfixes; you are also welcome to use it to create new programs (under the terms of the GPL). At least one new pad plugin, padNegCon by Gismo, was made based on padJoy.

Contact: ammoq@ammoq.com
Please write a meaningfull subject, like "padJoy success story", when you write an email to me; as I receive a lot of spam, mails with a subject like "Hi" or similar will most likely be deleted without beeing read.
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