Joy-Device to X mapping
  • xjoypad.zip - Lets you play Linux games with a joypad.
Joy-Device plugin for PSX emulators for Linux
  • padJoy082.tgz - Latest version, avoid double initialisation.
  • padJoy081.tgz - Bugfixes for analog pads, improved event handling for axis.
  • padJoy080.tgz - Analog emulation, speperated config program from plugin (SR1, contains fixes for bugs reported by Gismo)
  • padJoy073.tgz - Configuration for analog pads easier, althought no analog emulation yet.
  • padJoy072.tgz - Bbetter debug messages, PSX2USB fix.
  • padJoy071.tgz - Bugfix for 2 pads.
  • padJoy07.tgz - Bugfixes for keyboard macros, symbolic names for events in the config file.
  • padJoy062.tgz - Exactly the same like padJoy061, but supports 10 axes - usefull for Gravis Xterminator.
  • padJoy061.tgz - Exactly the same like padJoy06, except an increased zero range.
  • padJoy06.tgz - Support for macros.
  • padJoy05.tgz - Support for multithreaded I/O.
  • padJoy04.tgz - Supports joy devices and keyboard, axes configurable.
  • padJoy03.tgz - Added support for pcsx.
  • padJoy02.tgz - Comes with a configuration dialog box.
  • padJoy01.tgz - Hardcoded version, easy to compile.
  • padJoy.cfg - padJoy config file for the strangely behaving Logitec Precision II gamepad (contributed by Nathan C. Dickerson)
  • padAnalog.tgz - experimental for emulation of analog input (DualShock Pad, but no rumble), no config dialogue, easy to compile) reported to work with PCSX only! Only for experienced users
  • padAnalog02.tgz - new version with better support for two pads reported to work with PCSX only! Only for experienced users.
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