Bio and discography

Andrea Fraenzel was born and grew up in Gmunden, upper Austria.

Since her childhood she was learning guitar and was awarded a first prize in upper Austria’s young musician competition „Prima la musica“ in the category classical guitar solo performance in 1998.

Andrea studied classical guitar and bass at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and took private lessons with Peter Herbert, Thomas Stempkowski and Juan Garcia-Herreros.

Playing both acoustic and electric bass, she is a versatile artist and has worked with artists of almost every genre: pop, soul, rock, singer/songwriter, jazz, improvised music, world music, classical music - you name it.

Andrea is the first musician from Austria who has been accepted into the Contemporary Performance Master’s Program of the Berklee College of Music – Valencia Campus from which she graduated summa cum laude in July 2014 and was honoured with the „Outstanding Scholar Award“.
Apart from studying she was invited to play with Victor Mendoza and Steve Houghton in Taiwan and toured in Spain with Christiane Karam.

She appeared on numerous records and has performed in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Russia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

In 2015 she learned to play bass harmonica and joined "Mundharmonika Quartett Austria" (harmonica quartet Austria). The group is vice-world champion and a regular guest at harmonica festivals throughout Europe.

In 2016 and 2017 she toured Russia with Austrian-Russian rockband "Princess Angine".

In 2018 she spent three months in India at Global Music Institute (GMI), a Berklee Global Partner, teaching bass, ensemble, harmony and eartraining.   

In 2019 she also worked as musical director for a tribute band to the Woodstock era and played in contemporary opera production "Der Reigen” by composer Bernhard Lang. The adaptation from Arthur Schnitzler’s theatre play (“Hands around” in English) blends the sound of a string orchestra with a jazz trio. This production of "Neue Oper Wien" was shown at prestigious festivals for classical music, “Bregenzer Festspiele” and “Wien Modern”.

When having time for music of her own she dedicates it to her singer/songwriter solo project “Sounds of Dea”, having performed in Spain and Austria, and her own jazz band.

In 2020 she returned to India to teach again at Global Music Institute. While the outbreak of the corona virus cut short her stay in India and made her return to Austria. Since then she has taught online the spring 20, October 20 and March 21 term.

Andrea also teaches bass and guitar at Musikwerkstatt, a Viennese music school founded by Ursula Wex member of the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.


2013 to 14: Berklee College of Music: Contemporary Performance Master’s Progam; graduating summa cum laude as a master of music

Andrea studied acoustic and electric bass with Mario Rossy and Alain Pérez

Classes and ensembles with: Victor Mendoza, Mariano Steimberg, Perico Sambeat, Polo Ortí, Ben "Encanti" Cantil, Stephen Webber, Gael Hedding

Workshops with Eddie Gomez, Ira Coleman, Miguel Zenon, Hans Glawischnig, Chico Pinheiro, Yoron Israel, Christiane Karam, Patrice Rushen, Pat Pattinson

Before, Andrea followed an intense study program at the Unversity of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria, as follows

2002 to 08: Musical education: voice and instruments with a major in bass;
graduating cum laude as a bachelor of arts
1998 to 06: Secondary school teaching diploma in Musical education and French;
graduation as a magistra artium
1999 to 05: Musical education: voice and instruments with major in guitar (classical music);
graduating cum laude as a bachelor of arts

Workshops with Achim Tang, Hans Strasser

Private studies with Peter Herbert, Thomas Stempkowski and Juan Garcia-Herreros

Performances and collaborations with:

Victor Mendoza (MEX), Christiane Karam (LIB), Mariano Steimberg (ARG), Steve Houghton (US), Sebastian Laverde (COL), SAAVEDRA (COL), GuGabriel, Joey Green (US), Celia Mara (BRA), Princess Angine, Neue Oper Wien, Mundharmonika Quartett Austria, Rabouge, Mary Broadcast Band, Juci Janoska, Birgit Denk und die Novaks, Ernst Molden, Chris Gelbmann, Daniela Flickentanz, Harald Huber, Art Anno, Blaumarot, Jörg Leichtfried, Julia Schreitl, Mara Kolibri, Tahereh Nourani, Ursula Baumgartl, Alois Bauerstatter, Martin Spitzer, Judith Reiter, Ludwig Ebner, Alwin Miller, Alfred Bäck, 4stimmig, SOLO, Hotel Palindrone, W.i.t.Ch., VerAndA, Andi Neumeister, Karin Vadon, Lukas Vendl, Habib Samadi, Bruno Pisek, Christoph Rabl, Monika Ciernia, Wolfgang Steubl, Helmut Steubl, Barbara Helfgott & Rondo Vienna, Vienna Groove GmbH and others

Selected Discography


Album Geh ma fliagn
Artist Rabouge
My work Acoustic bass


Album AllOne
Artist Lîla
My work Acoustic bass
Album 25 Jahre - I feel good
Artist Mundharmonika Quartett Austria
My work Bass harmonica
Album Cabrioletta
Artist Cabriolette & die Johnnys
My work Acoustic bass



Album Maldita y Santo
My work Acoustic bass


Single What about us
Artist GuGabriel
My work Acoustic bass


Album Minstrelle
Artist Kristina Bijelic with Felipe Téllez
My work Acoustic bass on "Enamorarme de ti"


Album Places
Artist Jelena Ciric
My work Acoustic bass
Album Weird Glitches
Artist Stephen McHale
My work Electric bass on „Parakeet"
Album Dizzy Venus
Artist Mary Broadcast
My work Electric bass on „Love me“ and „Searching but not finding“


Album Wintry While
Artist Karin Vadon
My work Double bass on „China“, electric bass on „Emotionally Overdosed“
Album Azubi
Artist François Guilbeault
My work Double bass


Album Casino Baumgarten Jubiläums Compilation
(Sampler to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the prestigious Viennese Label „Preiser Records“)
Artist Artist: Birgit Denk and the Novaks
My work Double bass on the track: „Aber der Novak lässt mich nicht verkommen“ („But Novak doesn’t let me dow“)
Album Privat (Personal)
Artist SOLO
My work Played double bass on the album
Album Love Is Our Mission
Artist Mary Broadcast Band
My work Played electric bass on the album / band member


Album Silent Symphony
Artist Drew Sarich
My work Double bass on the track „Silent Symphony“


Album The Blue Frog Society Walks On The Moon
(Soundtrack to a radio program, CD as attachment to a book)
Artist Barbara Holub & Bruno Pisek
My work Double bass
Album Anna und der Wolf (Anna and the Wolf)
Artist Traumfänger Kindertheater (Kid’s Theater Company „Dreamcatcher“)
My work Electric and double bass
Album Limonen und Gras (Limes and Grass)
Artist W.i.t.Ch.
My work Electric bass


Album On the Ground
Artist Bluespender
My work Electric bass; band member


Album Smile
Artist Moni and her Mosquitoes
My work Electric bass; band member
Album What is Gone Doesn’t Necessarily Disappear
Artist Alalie Lilt
My work Electric bass; band member


Album Cyclopedia
Artist Alalie Lilt
My work Electric bass; band member